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Exactly 8 years ago today I attended L'Arc~en~Ciel's L7 Trans Asia via Paris Concert in Hong Kong!

Exactly 8 years ago today I attended L'Arc~en~Ciel's L7 Trans Asia via Paris Concert in Hong Kong! Time flies so fast! #laruku #larcenciel #hyde #tetsu #ken #yukihiro

Concert goods from Laruku's tour. I guess lightsticks weren't a thing yet back then 😝
Concert Goods!

I guess lightsticks weren't a thing back then :P

  Here's the setlist of their HK concert:

1. get out from the shell
2. driver's high
3. killing me

hyde mc

4. drink it down
5. daybreak's bell
6. winter fall
7. eien
8. kasou
9. forbidden lover
10. my heart draws a dream
11. caress of venus
12. revelation

ken mc

13. seventh heaven
14. pretty girl

mukimpo mc

15. stay away
16. ready steady go


yukki mc

17. jojoushi
18. honey
19. link

tetsu mc
hyde mc

20. anata

Here's a portion of my crappy private journal entry of their concert:

" Their mcs were kawaii!! Hyde was so cute speaking in chinese!! Ken said a very long mc and I think it was funny XD well, he was speaking in chinese and I couldn't understand a thing XD people were laughing.. I just keep on smiling XD Tetsu was throwing bananas at the audience XD There were 2 japanese seated at the right side of my seat. My friends and I were speaking to them in nihonggo and told them where we are from XD

And lastly.. their Anata perf.. the audience were singing the chorus part in unison.. It was a very sad song.. I even cried!! T__T because it was the last number. I can't believe it was over.. feathers were falling everywhere.. and then they bid farewell. T__T It was fun and sad at the same time..  It was a great ending.. I hope I can see them again one day.. maybe on their 20th Lanniversary? I hope so!!  all I know is that, I love them more after the concert >__<"

It's their 25th anniversary this year. I wonder if they'll have a tour? hmmm.


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