Feb. 27th, 2008

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Since today is the release of NEWS' latest single.. i've decided to do something really special to honor it and i am proud to say that this is my very first post here in LJ! yatta!!

I bought their single.. sadly i might get it next week since i had it delivered thru registered mail so it make take a while.. but i'll patiently wait here untill my copy arrives.

I got into news about a year ago.. which lead me to buy their hoshi wo mezashite single. it was my very first single of NEWS! after having that single.. i'm craving for more! until they released weeeek. sadly i wasn't able to grab a copy of that single.. same with their new album pacific. money is a big element when you're a fan. you need to support your idols which means buying their cds and other things they usually release. At that time.. L'Arc~en~Ciel's hurry xmas single and Kiss album will also be released. I need to grab a copy of it! after all.. they are my first love so i want to prioritize them.. it doesn't mean that i don't love NEWS  as much..it's just that i'm broke and poor T.T  but the day before the release of their single and album.. i was able to donwload their songs via torrent. before going to sleep i listened to it.. and immediately got hooked with their songs.. specially ai nante which was sang by ryo, shige and ofcourse TEGOSHI!!! <3

what i felt at that time was desperation and regret. I didn't expect that their songs will be that good. Sadly no matter how much i want to buy it, i'm powerless. So that day, i made an oath to myself and to NEWS. i pledge that i will buy their next single. And now i am here sitting infront of my computer.. patiently waiting for my single. No matter how many  days will pass, i will wait for it with a smile on my face. And the best part is.. not only did i ordered NEWS' Taiyou no Namida.. but also laruku's drink it down single and are you ready dvd!! I might be pennyless at the moment.. but it's all worth it *thumbs up*

for those fo you who read my post until the very end, thank you so much! and comments are all welcome. but please take it easy on me... it's my first time after all >.<


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