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i've been tagged by [profile] kawaiiysa XD now i have to give 10things/name etc that starts with the letter "D" i actually find this fun so before that i want to enumerate the people on my tag list XD sorry guys... have fun tagging others too!! >__<

[personal profile] mklia,[profile] melissaluvzhyde,[profile] gaily_girl,[profile] stardustii,[profile] sakuraxyume,[profile] yukkie_bear,[profile] tooru_17,[profile] jensukipi,[profile] arylonne,[profile] aviewtokill

there XD have fun guys!!

things/objects etc that starts with letter "d"

she's my japanses interpreter friend.. who helped me translate my birthday letter to kei-chan into japanese.. arigatou tomodachi!! ^__^ you deserve a special mention in my LJ account!!

2. DEGRUNGE- My newly found friend XD i'm her stalker haha!! we have the same taste in men.. ne? haha.. i hope you enjoy tagging others too.. you're on my list!!

3.DRINK IT DOWN- the latest single of L'Arc~en~Ciel i really love this song!! and i got a hyde sticker yatta!! ^__^

4. DREAMS-  when i say this word.. it reminds me of the song of NEWS entitled.. orcourse dreams XD i really love that song.. it has a nostalgic melody and at the end of their never ending wonderful story dvd... kei-chan and shige cried at the end XD it was so touching and kawaii at the same time. also when i say the word dreams.. it refers to my dreams..haha!! because i dreamt of kei-chan,tesshi,yamapi and even laruku!!! haha i love dreaming >__< i'm a dreamer.

5. DIET- i want to go on a diet XD i've been gaining a few pounds since the start of my summer vacation.. ekk!!! T__T

6. DORM- i'm planning to move out of our house.. and live in a dormitory.. college is getting ahrder and harder every year.. i need more time to study.. and less destruction.. *sigh* just thinking about it.. makes me feel sad T__T i love my home.

7. DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS- i think this is the only math subject i've learned to love >__<

8. DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS.-haha!! i'm so glad i was able to file my passport... or else no more laruku concert for me!!

9.DETECTIVE CONAN-I would like wacth detective conan again XD  one of my favorite animes!!

10. DON'T U EVER STOP - yeap KAT-TUN'S new single XD haha.. can't think of anything else that starts with D.. so i'll just edit if something pops out on my mind XD

okay... so minna... i want words,objects,names that starts with letter "L"!! gambatte!! ^__^

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