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Uploaded this PV of Ai Nante that I got from Jpopsuki several years ago. Credits to the owner :)


Kindly re-direct to my page when sharing :)
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Finally received these goodies from [ profile] sg_paanas <3 <3 <3 this is my first time to win something and luckily, first prize! Once again, Happy Birthday Shige! :3
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I'm back for more throwback Tegoshi related videos! as previously mentioned, these were subbed by newshfan so credits to her!
Goodies here... )

ahh~ I'm so addicted to this show! :3
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So I'm feeling a bit generous today. That is why I've  re-uploaded some Tegoshi related videos that were subbed by newshfan (credits to her!)

Shounen Club Premium Featuring Tegoshi Yuya


Yayayah Tegosho Dokiri


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Comments will be highly appreciated! :D
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I was browsing through my old files and found these. I originally got the raw video and soft subs from Silent Regrets (site no longer in existence) and e-book downloaded from the net (gomen, I forgot where I got it >.<). I guess it would be a nice comparison to the current drama of our beloved Kato-sensei which will be ending soon :D

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Ahh~ I'm so addicted to this story!
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Exactly 8 years ago today I attended L'Arc~en~Ciel's L7 Trans Asia via Paris Concert in Hong Kong!

Exactly 8 years ago today I attended L'Arc~en~Ciel's L7 Trans Asia via Paris Concert in Hong Kong! Time flies so fast! #laruku #larcenciel #hyde #tetsu #ken #yukihiro

A trip down memory lane )

It's their 25th anniversary this year. I wonder if they'll have a tour? hmmm.
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Otanjoubi omedatou tacchon!! 😘😚😍 #tadayoshiohkura #tacchon #kanjani8 #eito

Here's a piece of donut for your birthday! I am so sorry I couldn't celebrate it properly since I am doing overtime work right now >.<

Celebrating tacchon's birthday with a piece of donut! 🍩
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"Are there dreams that don’t come true?”

A question that made me book a flight to Nagoya spontaneously after re-watching NEWS’ Live Live Live Concert DVD. It's a line from their Barefoot Cinderella Boy song that made me wonder about dreams. Is it enough to wish for it to come true? Do dreams that don’t come true exist? Of course I want mine to really happen! I want to see NEWS live!
Take you all to Quartetto world.. )

PS. The penlight was super awesome! Since it was my first time to attend a JE concert, I didn’t know that the penlights can be controlled. There were songs that it will be turned off (without me switching it off) and songs that it will be flashing. For fans familiar with this, feel free to enlighten this naïve fangirl =))

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I was hospitalized for 3 days and didn't have enough time to prepare for kei-chan's birthday. I was planning to buy a cake and his favorite ecclair >.< better late than never tho. Happy birthday kei-chan!!! Credits to Inala for the pictures!
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I just read the last update of Taguchi Hanashi. So heartbreaking. 😢
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Wow. It feels good to be back here.

May I ask if anyone knows where I can download an english subbed version of this NEWS' guesting in Shounen Club Premium?

Arigatou in advance!
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i've been tagged by [profile] kawaiiysa XD now i have to give 10things/name etc that starts with the letter "D" i actually find this fun so before that i want to enumerate the people on my tag list XD sorry guys... have fun tagging others too!! >__<

[personal profile] mklia,[profile] melissaluvzhyde,[profile] gaily_girl,[profile] stardustii,[profile] sakuraxyume,[profile] yukkie_bear,[profile] tooru_17,[profile] jensukipi,[profile] arylonne,[profile] aviewtokill

there XD have fun guys!!

things/objects etc that starts with letter "d"

she's my japanses interpreter friend.. who helped me translate my birthday letter to kei-chan into japanese.. arigatou tomodachi!! ^__^ you deserve a special mention in my LJ account!!

2. DEGRUNGE- My newly found friend XD i'm her stalker haha!! we have the same taste in men.. ne? haha.. i hope you enjoy tagging others too.. you're on my list!!

3.DRINK IT DOWN- the latest single of L'Arc~en~Ciel i really love this song!! and i got a hyde sticker yatta!! ^__^

4. DREAMS-  when i say this word.. it reminds me of the song of NEWS entitled.. orcourse dreams XD i really love that song.. it has a nostalgic melody and at the end of their never ending wonderful story dvd... kei-chan and shige cried at the end XD it was so touching and kawaii at the same time. also when i say the word dreams.. it refers to my dreams..haha!! because i dreamt of kei-chan,tesshi,yamapi and even laruku!!! haha i love dreaming >__< i'm a dreamer.

5. DIET- i want to go on a diet XD i've been gaining a few pounds since the start of my summer vacation.. ekk!!! T__T

6. DORM- i'm planning to move out of our house.. and live in a dormitory.. college is getting ahrder and harder every year.. i need more time to study.. and less destruction.. *sigh* just thinking about it.. makes me feel sad T__T i love my home.

7. DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS- i think this is the only math subject i've learned to love >__<

8. DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS.-haha!! i'm so glad i was able to file my passport... or else no more laruku concert for me!!

9.DETECTIVE CONAN-I would like wacth detective conan again XD  one of my favorite animes!!

10. DON'T U EVER STOP - yeap KAT-TUN'S new single XD haha.. can't think of anything else that starts with D.. so i'll just edit if something pops out on my mind XD

okay... so minna... i want words,objects,names that starts with letter "L"!! gambatte!! ^__^

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I'm still wating for my mata heart dvd T___T

i was browsing the net and i found this--->

it will tell you your japanese name XD though i don't think it's reliable though..

haha just finding time a way to kill time XD

and an advance happy bday to pi!! >__<

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  i can't believe that i'll be seeing laruku live!! kya!! can't wait till may24!! 

it's a dream come true for me. though i didn't get the best sit.. it's better than nothing ^___^

laruku rocks!! ^___^


DID single--->

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 today.. i am officially one of the moderators in newsinternational forum!! specifically yuya tegoshi's part ^__^ i am happy because i really like news specially teshi ^__^

hope many people will join in!!

lets spread NEWS rabu rabu!! <3 

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Since today is the release of NEWS' latest single.. i've decided to do something really special to honor it and i am proud to say that this is my very first post here in LJ! yatta!!

I bought their single.. sadly i might get it next week since i had it delivered thru registered mail so it make take a while.. but i'll patiently wait here untill my copy arrives.

I got into news about a year ago.. which lead me to buy their hoshi wo mezashite single. it was my very first single of NEWS! after having that single.. i'm craving for more! until they released weeeek. sadly i wasn't able to grab a copy of that single.. same with their new album pacific. money is a big element when you're a fan. you need to support your idols which means buying their cds and other things they usually release. At that time.. L'Arc~en~Ciel's hurry xmas single and Kiss album will also be released. I need to grab a copy of it! after all.. they are my first love so i want to prioritize them.. it doesn't mean that i don't love NEWS  as's just that i'm broke and poor T.T  but the day before the release of their single and album.. i was able to donwload their songs via torrent. before going to sleep i listened to it.. and immediately got hooked with their songs.. specially ai nante which was sang by ryo, shige and ofcourse TEGOSHI!!! <3

what i felt at that time was desperation and regret. I didn't expect that their songs will be that good. Sadly no matter how much i want to buy it, i'm powerless. So that day, i made an oath to myself and to NEWS. i pledge that i will buy their next single. And now i am here sitting infront of my computer.. patiently waiting for my single. No matter how many  days will pass, i will wait for it with a smile on my face. And the best part is.. not only did i ordered NEWS' Taiyou no Namida.. but also laruku's drink it down single and are you ready dvd!! I might be pennyless at the moment.. but it's all worth it *thumbs up*

for those fo you who read my post until the very end, thank you so much! and comments are all welcome. but please take it easy on me... it's my first time after all >.<

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